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Name: Preza
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Species: Felious domesticous Turkish Angora
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145lbs.

Appearance: Hourglass figure, wide hips, sizable bust and bum.
- Hair and fur: Violet hair, gray, black, and white fur
- Markings: Black nose, one stripe on both her upper cheeks, black tabby stripes here and there, and a large black tip on the end of her tail.
- Eye color: Blue
- Other features:
Behavior and Personality: On the surface she is silent strong and stubborn. Trained to be a slave she knows when to submit depending on the person or situation. She's a silent observer of people and her situations, and acts accordingly to keep the peace. She is respectful to all higher authority. However, if a person attempts to force her into a situation she doesn't want, she will fight them verbally or physically if she must. Deep down she is fun loving, charming, and likes to smile. She will openly tease people she considers her friend. In her off time she entertains the guild members with dances, and music. She enjoys making others smile.

Skills: Charisma, dancing, weapons knowledge, hand to hand combat, stealth, aerobatics, knife throwing, bi-lingual, can read,
Weaknesses: Insecure in her emotions and can seem quite childish at times, stubborn, she is overly eager to please, and becomes downhearted when there is nothing she can do.

Likes: knives, dancing, and entertaining others
Dislikes: being pressured into submission,

History: Preza was abandoned at an inn as a baby, and was adopted by the owner and his wife. She grew up as a dancer and waitress at the inn. In order to keep the inn out of debt she was willingly sold to a slave trader. Before she could be taken away by the slave trader she promised her "mother" that she would not be sold to just anyone.

The slave trader trained her in the ways of being a slave, and tried to sell her. Each time Preza would be brought back having done something to anger the Masters she was sold to.

Notes: As a favorite past time slave traders would have their slaves fight with their hands and arms bound. If a buyer questioned any marks left over from the fights the trader would pass them off as training marks, or that they had to discipline the slave recently.

If a slave dies in a fight or afterward the owner of the slave that has killed the other will either pay the price of the slave, or offer up the slave who did the killing as payment.

While Preza was growing up at the inn a band of traveling performers would stop by the inn every year. They would preform for the locals at the inn in trade for a place to stay. Some of the performers took a liking to Preza and taught her how to dance and entertain.

Clothing/Personal Style:
Goal: To prove her worth, and become an independent woman.
Profession: Mercenary
Personal quote: "You couldn't kill me even if you wanted to."
Theme song:
Brand X Music- Fearless
Skanda Music- Indra
Birthday: March 4th
Star sign: Pieces

Favorite food: Fish cooked any way, wholesome rich foods, comfort food.
Favorite drink: Vanilla Milk shake with a hint of mint
Favorite location: In the guild's mess hall- It reminds her of the inn where she grew up.
Favorite weather: Warm sunny days 60-70 degrees, or thunderstorms with lots of lightning
Favorite color: Blue

Least liked food: Spicy food
Least liked drink: Melon water
Least liked location: Markets- they remind her of her time in slavery.
Least liked weather: Anything to hot or to cold

Favorite person: Whom ever her significant other is.
Least liked person: Anyone who looks down on others.
Friends: Anyone she meets who considers her a friend.
Relations: Adopted parents
Orientation: Straight
Songs are copyrighted to their creators, I do not own them, but I do suggest looking them up on youtube.

Information is subject to updates.

The character and information herein are CC to me. I do not give permission to alter or redistribute this profile. Commercial uses of this information is prohibited.
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